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3.15.13 - Did Mr. Milonov graduate from Hawaii Pacific University in 1994 as he claimed or did he not?

Did Mr. Milonov graduate from Hawaii Pacific University in 1994 as he claimed or did he not?

Did Mr. Milonov graduate from Hawaii Pacific University in 1994 with the degrees "in politics and economics" (at the somewhat unusual age of 20, especially for a Russian boy from a rather ordinary family in the early-mid 1990-s: his father was a naval officer and his mother - a grammar school teacher), as he claimed in his official elections biography or did he not? This claim or detail was not mentioned again in his official biographies, according to Wikipedia in Russian. The clarification of this claim is important for understanding the psychology and mentality of this controversial Russian politician, a deputy of the local St. Petersburg, Russia, city parliament and the author of the infamous "anti-homosexual propaganda" law. Some of Mr. Milonov's detractors consider him "mentally ill" and "delusional" (see article about him in Wikipedia in Russian, link below). Is he what is called a "pathological liar" and is he a disturbed person?
We will ask the officials from  Hawaii Pacific University to help us to clarify the facts about his attendance and graduation from this school, if it did indeed take place. 



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Dear sirs:
Mr. Vitaly Milonov, a Russian politician, a deputy of St. Petersburg, Russia, city parliament and an author of infamous "anti-homosexual propaganda" law claimed in his official election biography in 1998 that he graduated in 1994 from HPU with the degrees in politics and economics. However it appears that he did not repeat this claim later, in his subsequent biographies. Please help us to clarify these facts: 
Did Mr. Milonov attend HPU, did he graduate from it and with what degrees?
This information is important for understanding the degree of truthfulness and mentality of this rather unusual (some say "weird") politician.
Please see more information in my blog post:
Your response and your clarification will be greatly appreciated.


vitaly milonov - GS

vitaly milonov Hawaii Pacific University - GS

hawaii pacific university - GS

hawaii pacific university business office

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Business Office by calling (808) 356-5272 or by emailing


виталий милонов - GS

В 1997—1998 годах Милонов являлся общественным помощником Г. В. Старовойтовой, которая в 1998 году выдвинула его на выборы. Однако после её убийства, во время выборов в Законодательное собрание Санкт-Петербурга он неожиданно снял свою кандидатуру в пользу своего соперника от партии власти В. А. Тюльпанова, став в дальнейшем его помощником.

На посвящённом выборам сайте утверждается, что Милонов уже в 20 лет окончил Гавайский Тихоокеанский университет по специальности «политика и экономика» (США) и институт Роберта Шумана в Будапеште (Венгрия)[2], однако в дальнейшем в официальной биографии это не упоминалось.

Выборы в Законодательное собрание Санкт-Петербурга в 1998 году

МИЛОНОВ Виталий ВалентиновичРодился 23 января 1974 года. Отец — флотский офицер, мать — учительница начальной школы.
В 1991 году окончил школу, но уже с 1989 года занимался общественно-политической деятельностью.

В 1994 году окончил Гавайский Тихоокеанский университет по специальности "политика и экономика", в 1995 году окончил институт Роберта Шумана в Будапеште.

Проходил стажировку в парламентах и администрациях правительств ряда стран Западной европы и Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона.
С 1995 года — студент заочного отделения юридического факультета Санкт-Петербургского госуниверситета, председатель общественной организациии "Молодые христианские демократы", руководитель общественной приемной движения "Северная столица".
С 1991 по 1997 год — секретарь по международным отношениям Христианско-демократического союза.
С 1993 по 1995 год — помощник депутатат Госдумы, помощник председателя Христианско-демократического союза Виталия Савицкого.
Член партии "Демократическая Россия" с 1997 года.
Председатель Санкт-Петербургской региональной молодежной организации «Молодые Христианские Демократы».
Выдвинут общественно-политическим движением «Северная столица».


"Как распорядиться наследством" (агитационное вступление кандидата), "Северная столица", № 6, 6–13 ноября 1998 г.


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3.13.13 - GOMOFOBOV V KLETKU! | Милонов будет молиться за Фрая "каждый день" | Vremya lechit vsyo i vsekh, dazhe gomofobov.


vitaly milonov Hawaii Pacific University - GS

British Comedian Confronts Russian Lawmaker on ‘Gay Propaganda’ Ban - NYT
March 14, 2013, 6:49 pm
MOSCOW — The British comedian and author Stephen Fry brought a sharp tongue and a Twitter following of millions on Thursday when he confronted a Russian lawmaker who drafted the ban on “homosexual propaganda,” in the city of St. Petersburg.
Mr. Fry, who is openly gay, arrived in Russia with a BBC television crew on Tuesday, to conduct interviews for “Out There,” a documentary on homosexuality in various countries.

Stephen Fry         @stephenfry
Fully aware that Russia’s politics are none of my business: but I’ve been making a 2-part docco called Out There about being gay globally

But many of Mr. Fry’s followers on the social network were confused, stunned even, when he mentioned that he would interview City Councilman Vitaly Milonov, a fiery conservative best known for spearheading a $10.7 million lawsuit against Madonna for supposedly promoting lesbianism to minors during a concert last August.

Stephen Fry         @stephenfry
Right, off to interview Deputy Milonov, author of the ban on “gay propaganda” bill. Should be an interesting half hour or so. Wish me luck.

Tatyana Shorokhova @zlobuster
@stephenfry OMG, Stephen, the best of luck! He's very weird man.

Mr. Milonov posted photographs of the two men chatting amicably in his office before the interview on VK, Russia’s answer to Facebook. (The photographs also showed that the councilman’s computer screen was on a Google Image search page reading “KOSOVO IS SERBIA,” hinting at his interest in defending the pan-Slavic Orthodox Christian nation against all assaults.)

A screenshot from the page of the Russian lawmaker Vitaly Milonov showed him meeting Stephen Fry in his office in St. Petersburg on Thursday.
VK.comA screenshot from the page of the Russian lawmaker Vitaly Milonov showed him meeting Stephen Fry in his office in St. Petersburg on Thursday.
The interview, Mr. Fry reported later on Twitter, was an intense exchange.

Stephen Fry         @stephenfry
Wow that was interesting. Milonov and I going at it hammer and tongs. Large press pack awaiting me outside his office building.

Stephen Fry         @stephenfry
Well, I shall always love Russia and hope that its youth will not allow the toxic mix of nationalism and religious zealotry to destroy her

Mr. Milonov, for his part, told a St. Petersburg news site, “according to Stephen Fry, Russians are uneducated — more specifically, partially educated barbarians.” Still, Mr. Milonov called the frank exchange valuable, since, he said, Mr. Fry is not a diplomat and therefore is more open about voicing “what the British society and the British leadership thinks.”
The councilman also told the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti that he would pray for Mr. Fry and his family. “It was curious, like touching another civilization. I mostly listened,” he said. “He believes I am the worst man in Russia.”
Given that Mr. Fry’s Twitter updates go out to 5.5 million readers, word of the encounter traveled fast. Mr. Fry wrote that he was “rather startled” to find a scrum of journalists waiting for him when he emerged from the interview.

Stephen Fry         @stephenfry
I was rather startled by the media interest. Had to give a kind of press conference.
View image on Twitter

Later Thursday, he was mobbed by dozens of fans at the airport as he left St. Petersburg.

Video of Stephen Fry signing autographs at the airport in St. Petersburg on Thursday.

Mr. Fry’s visit lent rare star power to the battle against anti-gay legislation in Russia, a drive to restrict rights that many Russian celebrities, even those vehemently opposed to President Vladimir V. Putin, either avoid commenting on or actively support.
While a recent ban on the adoption of Russian orphans by Americans has been a major news story in the United States, and the jailing of members of the protest group Pussy Riot last year garnered broad criticism from Russian celebrities and visiting pop stars, a series of laws against so-called homosexual propaganda have been less controversial in a country where support for same-sex marriage is minimal.
As our colleague David Herszenhorn reported, gay-rights demonstrators were openly attacked in central Moscow outside of Russia’s State Duma in January, when a preliminary version of the bill passed with a vote of 388 to 1.
Attackers, some singing religious hymns, hurled eggs and paint at the gay rights advocates, and shouted “Moscow is not Sodom!” In response, gay rights advocates shouted: “Fascism will not pass!” and “Moscow is not Iran!” Skirmishes broke out, and the police arrested about 20 people — most them opponents of the bill, who were accused of demonstrating without a permit.
Video recorded by the news site showed the assault on the protesters.

Video of gay-rights protesters being attacked outside the Russian Parliament in January.

Mr. Milonov has firmly placed himself at the vanguard of that movement. The St. Petersburg ban, which stipulates a fine of up to $16,000 for “advocating” for homosexuality among minors, matched similar bans in a half-dozen other Russian cities, as well as a law banning gay pride parades in Moscow until the year 2112.
Anton Krasovsky, the former editor in chief of a pro-Kremlin television station, was fired in January after he said on air, “I’m gay, and I’m a person just like President Putin.” Mr. Krasovsky was one of many Russians to share images of Mr. Fry meeting Mr. Milonov on Facebook on Thursday, commenting, “And you said it was a fake.” He also expressed regret about not getting to speak with Mr. Fry during his visit.

Anton Krasovsky @krasovkin
Regret that I had not met with @stephenfry in St. Petersburg

Perhaps the greatest measure of Mr. Fry’s success came in an evening news segment on the state-controlled NTV station. Billed as a “discussion among men,” Mr. Fry’s meeting with Mr. Milonov had “possibly attracted more attention than a heavyweight championship fight,” a newsreader said.

The evening news report on Russian state television about Stephen Fry’s meeting with Vitaly Milonov on Thursday.

Reporting was contributed by Michael Schwirtz.

Mike Nova comments: according to this TV report in Russian, in the course of the interview Mr. Fry called Mr. Milonov "sumashedshim" - "crazy, insane". Interesting observation and remark.


3.15.13 - Vam bi, Amoro, darling, my dear friend, bit nachalnikom Glavlita, a ne zhurnal redactirovat

Sasha Morozov "otkluchil" menya ot "steni" "Russkogo Zhurnala", styor moi kommentarii i "uvolil" menya iz svoikh "feysbukovskikh druzey" (plachu gorkimi slezami ot nerazdelyonnoy lubvi). I vse moi blogi bili blokirovani (vidimo, DOS attacks) - yeshyo odno podtverzhdeniye, chto vsyo eto i yest odna i ta zhe kontora, i "Russkiy Zhurnal" vsego lish odin iz yeyo filialov.

[Povtoryayu eti kommentarii zdes:
Mike Nova: A teper Abramkin dolzhen napisat khoroshiy ocherk o Svinarenko. I vsyo budet O.K.

Mike Nova: Odnako: Sasha rasserdilsya! Znachit - chto-to svyatoye. Podlinniy filosof i kantianets (s udareniyem na "nye'ts!")

Mike Nova: "Да, это многие отмечали – у Абрамкина не было ненависти к мучителям."


U Vas tozhe ne dolzhno bit: Vi zhe vrode bi "khristianin", da k tomu zhe yescho i "pravoslavniy". Prinimayte vsyo nemnogo po-filosofsky: kak povod k razmisleniyu. Tempra, o Diva: nado bit boleye terpimim v voprosakh stila (i v drugikh tozhe). Vkluchite svet!]

Abramkin bi ne obidelsya: u nego, kak i u nekotorikh "pyatnadtsiletnikh schenkov" navernyaka bilo chuvstvo yumora, kotorogo, ochevidno, ne khvatayet nekotorim "vzroslim mudakam" (poetomu, navernoye i "Russkiy Zhurnal" stal takim serim I skuchnim). Vam bi, Amoro, darling, my dear friend, bit nachalnikom Glavlita, a ne zhurnal redactirovat (nesmotrya na vse Vashi neposilniye frondyorskiye potugi).

Eta neterpimost i intellectualnaya nezashishyonnost - ochen kharakterniye russkiye cherti i ochen bolshaya chast problemi s intellektualnim i kulturalnim klimatom v Rossii. Uvazhayemiy g-n Abramkin (yesli Vi menya slishite) napishite, pozhaluista, khoroshiy ocherk o Sashe Morozove, interesno budet pochitat. Nadeyus, chto Vi menya slishite.

Уход порядочных людей. Гасите свет
Амбрамкин вовсе не был функционером, а был живым человеком. Конечно, так и тянет написать про него в жанре

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Mike Nova commented on a link.
Thank you for connecting me back (to "Russian Journal" Facebook Interface). This is much better. We do not have to be enemies, even if we are not real friends.