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'US pretends there are moderates in Syria, Russia understands they are all terrorists' - RT Sunday August 28th, 2016 at 7:55 AM

'US pretends there are moderates in Syria, Russia understands they are all terrorists' - RT

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'US pretends there are moderates in Syria, Russia understands they are all terrorists'
Can we expect a change to a more cooperative strategy on the ground in Syria after the Geneva talks between Russia and the US? Or was it a big enough achievement that both countries were able to sit down and understand each other better? RT asked ...

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More Russian Armor; Grad and Heavy Artillery Attacks; Givi Lands on the Beach ‘Near Shirokino’ 

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Ukraine Day 922: LIVE UPDATES BELOW.
Yesterday’s live coverage of the Ukraine conflict can be found here.

Official Estimates Germany to Get 300,000 Refugees This Year

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The head of Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) told a German newspaper that he expected a maximum of 300,000 refugees to arrive in Germany this year. "We're preparing for 250,000 to 300,000 refugees this year," BAMF head Frank-Juergen Weise told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper in comments due to be published Sunday. Germans tend to use the word "refugee" to refer to both refugees and migrants who are seeking protection but do not have refugee status. Weise added that if more people were to come than estimated, his office would come under pressure, but he suggested he was not worried about such a scenario, saying it was instead likely that fewer than 300,000 would come this year. Weise said Germany took in fewer migrants in 2015 than previously thought because some were registered twice and others had moved on to other destinations. "We'll present the exact number soon, but it's certain that fewer than 1 million people came to Germany last year," he said. It had widely been believed that 1.1 million migrants entered Europe's biggest economy in 2015 after fleeing war and poverty in their home countries. Weise said it would take a long time and a lot of money to integrate the newcomers into the labor market. He said 70 percent of the migrants who had already arrived were fit for employment but added that the majority of them would be dependent on basic social security provisions before they managed to get jobs. He estimated that about 10 percent of the new arrivals had university degrees, while about 40 percent did not have formal vocational training but did have practical work experience.

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Russia First Foreign Military to Use Iran's Soil Since WWll - Huffington Post

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Sputnik International

Russia First Foreign Military to Use Iran's Soil Since WWll
Huffington Post
Although Iran might appear to be sending a message to its rivals that Russia is still with Iran rather than with them, the revelation of this military deal by Moscow is a considered a blow to the Islamic Republic's nationalistic slogan of “independence ...
Three Reasons Why Russia, Iran and Turkey Should Foster Political, Military TiesSputnik International 
Syria agreed to welcome only Russian and Iranian contingents - LavrovRussia Beyond the Headlines

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Ураган повредил более 70 домов в Грозном - РБК

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Ураган повредил более 70 домов в Грозном
Ураганный ветер и град повредили более 70 домов в столице Чеченской республики. По разным данным, жертвами стихии стали от одного до двух человек. В Грозном объявлен режим ЧС. В результате шквалистого ветра и сильного ливня в Грозном вечером 27 августа были ...
Что случилось этой ночью: воскресенье, 28 августаИнтерфакс
В Грозном после буйства стихии повреждены более 60 жилых домовИзвестия
В Чечне в результате непогоды повреждены более 60 жилых домовТАСС
Взгляд -Official web-site of radio Vesti FM -Радиостанция ЭХО МОСКВЫ -Федеральное агентство новостей No.1
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Britain must help contain Russia's ambitions -

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Britain must help contain Russia's ambitions
The scale and nature of modern Russia's ambition was shown in Ukraine, where Vladimir Putin's support for a separatist movement allowed him to seize Crimea and effectively divide the nation in two. At the root of his foreign policy is ethnic revanchism ...

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Germany Expects About 250,000 Refugees In 2016

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A German official says the government expects some 250,000-300,000 refugees to arrive in 2016.

Turkey Extradites Macedonians Trying To Join Islamic State

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Turkey has extradited five Macedonians for attempting to join the extremist Islamic State (IS) group.

СМИ: в Киеве обнаружен мертвым российский журналист Александр Щетинин - ТАСС

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СМИ: в Киеве обнаружен мертвым российский журналист Александр Щетинин
КИЕВ, 28 августа. /ТАСС/. Российский журналист Александр Щетинин был обнаружен мертвым в воскресенье ночью в собственной квартире в Киеве. Об этом сообщает телеканал "112 Украина". "Щетинина обнаружили на балконе его друзья, которые пришли поздравить его с днем ...
Журналист Щетинин был найден мертвым в своей квартире в КиевеИнтерфакс
Российского журналиста нашли мертвым в Киеве с огнестрельным ранением головыMail.Ru
Журналиста Щетинина обнаружили мертвым в киевской квартире
Федеральное агентство новостей No.1 -Радиостанция ЭХО МОСКВЫ -Российский Диалог
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Police Suspect Suicide In Death Of Kyiv-Based Russian Journalist

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Reports from Ukraine say Aleksandr Shchetinin, a Kyiv-based Russian journalist who founded the Novy Region news agency, has been found dead at his apartment.

Where was Putin when Corbyn needed him? | Stewart Lee

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The Russian president could teach the Labour leader a thing or two when it comes to managing a photo opportunity
In Edinburgh, where I write this, there is concern that the city’s newly opened branch of the Kremlin-backed news agency Sputnik is intended specifically to destabilise post-Brexit English-Scottish relations. Message to Putin: “Don’t worry, Vladimir baby! We can handle this one ourselves!!”
Nonetheless, let us compare the contrasting media manipulation strategies of Putin’s Russia and, for example, the Labour party, both of them organisations that have, at times, abandoned their leftwing core beliefs in an attempt to adapt to a shifting geopolitical landscape. If last week’s news is to be believed, Russia’s control of media extends as far as hacking staff at the New York Times. As well as the Kremlin getting to see funny cartoons of representational figures holding up signs with writing on them hours ahead of the rest of us, could this hack also mean Russia could plant false stories into American media at source?
There is a long tradition of essentially dishonest photo opportunities being used to cement policy in the public mind
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Turkey Launches Air Strikes Against Kurdish Fighters

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Turkish has begun to launch air strikes against Kurdish militia fighters as part of its cross-border military offensive in northern Syria.
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