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Russian Lessons: редиска - нехороший человек...

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From The Little Devil's Express Learning Course 

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Re-ah!-l Reasonable!

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Джентельмены удачи Нехороший человек (редиска)

этот нехороший человек предаст нас при первой опасности

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A lot of "ред-иска"-s will make a good salad! 
Have to be chopped to perfection! 

Do not forget to add some chopped cucumbers too, 
and goes well with lemonade: delicious! 

Toss radishes with salt; let stand for about 10 minutes. Drain any liquid and transfer radishes to a large bowl. 

Add red onion and cucumber slices! 

Whisk olive oil, vinegar, sugar, garlic, and dill in a small bowl until well mixed; pour over vegetables and toss to combine.

Summer Radish Salad Recipe -
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Served and ready to consume, to your heart's content! 

реди́ска  ‎(redískaf inan ‎(genitive реди́скиnominative plural реди́скиgenitive plural реди́сок)
  1. (botany) radish (plant or vegetable)
  2. (slang, irony) bad man, turdassholetwit


The slang sense popularized by the Soviet film Gentlemen of Fortune.

The reverse translation: рад, ишь! - And now he is happy! (Khe, khe!) 

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Rediska's face is rouge... rouge

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And who laughs the last? He must laugh re-ah!-l well! 


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