Sunday, September 11, 2016

U.S. remembers victims 15 years after 9/11 attacks | Reuters

Владимир Путин поздравил жителей и гостей столицы с Днём города Москвы.

FBI agent climbed the ranks but chose to end his career back in a field office - The Washington Post

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Trump & Putin: Really Into Each Other | Dave's Ink Illustration
Donald Trump’s falsehood-laden press conference, annotated - The Washington Post
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How the conservative media is taking over the Republican Party - The Washington Post
Trump: Iranian boats that make improper ‘gestures’ will be ‘shot out of the water’ - The Washington Post
Russia and the United States Reach New Agreement on Syria Conflict - The New York Times
U.S., Russia reach deal on cease-fire in Syria - The Washington Post
When only pizza & vodka will do: Lavrov treats tired journos to US-Russian snack after Syria talks — RT Viral
Remembering 9/11: Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri threatens more US attacks
Report details horror, heroism during San Bernardino shooting | Reuters
North Korea’s Nuclear Enabler - The New York Times
Bob Graham: Release More 9/11 Records - The New York Times
What’s a nice lesbian like you doing at Miss America? Erin O’Flaherty’s historic quest. - The Washington Post
President Reagan’s would-be assassin is set to be released Saturday - The Washington Post
Blog: Putin leads. Obama leads from behind
Russia's Putin inaugurates $2 billion Moscow railway project | Reuters
U.S. returns to 1 World Trade Center 15 years after attacks | Reuters
Sunday: CIA Director John Brennan, Rep. Devin Nunes - News 12 Now

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