Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gleb Pavlovsky likes a link. "Пидарас. Конченый."

Mike Nova: By the way, I came to the conclusion (although I am not completely sure if it is correct or not), that Gleb Pavlovskiy is a KGB plant and a source of professional and sophisticated disinformation (although the human, real life part of it might be quite genuine, natural and sincere). He is a semi-officially anointed popularizer-vulgarizer of Russian politics in timely and honorable and also quite fashionable these days politico-philosophical exile. He should be read "the other way around", but the best - simply not to be read at all, to avoid the bewilderment, puzzlement and confusion. This impression about him, expressed in much harsher terms, was broadly shared within a circle of old Soviet dissidents. And this is my very humble opinion. 

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Gleb Pavlovsky likes a link.

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