Monday, May 2, 2016

M.N.: The very strange and puzzling case against V. Bukovsky...

M.N.: The very strange and puzzling case against V. Bukovsky. I believe that it is entirely possible that the "forbidden pedophilic images" were somehow planted into his computer by Russian intelligence services or their equivalents. Given all this hullabaloo with cybersecurity these days and the "achievements" of  Russian hackers, it would not be surprising at all. It would also fit neatly into the evident, counteracting "anti-Putin pedophilia narrative", apparently pursued actively by "his post-Soviet majesty's" servants. The most poignant thing is that this affair pits such a figure as V. Bukovsky against the British judicial system, which he called "Kafkaesque". I guess, some people in some Moscow offices rub their hands with glee and satisfaction. This "case", I am sure, is watched by many and it might produce some investigative, legal, cyber and political lessons to learn. 

Russian dissident, who was a close friend of Litvinenko, is protesting at ‘Kafkaesque’ judicial system in UK. Source: Vladimir Bukovsky: ‘I’m on hunger strike for the British public’ | World news | The Guardian