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Russia: the land of second-rate spies: Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell In and Out of Love with Vladimir Putin by Ben Judah

A message from a "Blue Sepia Lady"

Operation "Skyfall"


to shoot down The Big Ear and The Big Eye from the Sky with a new "smart and soft" psychotronic ("mass opinion manipulation and control via mass media") weapon hidden in "Snowden download" files. 

A "Sky-fall" or a "Sunrise" ? 
Good time to wake up, to smell the coffee and to rise and shine! 
Actions speak louder than songs. However, sing, baby, sing! I like it! 

Sing Sing Sing! by Benny Goodman - YouTube 

Russian Army Choir - Skyfall (Adele Cover) - YouTube

skyfall lyrics - YouTube  

» Russian Army sings Skyfall - video
24/08/13 11:08 from World news: Russia |
Members of Russia's army sing 'Skyfall' on television 

Mike Nova comments: 

Skyfall (song) - From Wikipedia

"The lyrics closely follow the narrative of the film rather than focusing on romanticism.[3][9] According to Epworth, the song is about "death and rebirth", saying "It's like, when the world ends and everything comes down around your ears, if you've got each other's back, you can conquer anything. From death to triumph, that was definitely something we set out to try and capture".[2] The Daily Telegraph writer Neil McCormick described the lyrics as "slightly sinister" and containing references to a number of Bond tropes and motifs.[17]"

In MVHASPO (My Very Humble And Strictly Personal Opinion), 

I have associations that this is a message: jointly from Russian political and military leadership, performed, by the way, by a gayish looking singer (? A tacit acknowledgement of Western concerns with human and gay rights issues), holding a folder with a name of "Morning - 5" in his hands (? "We have all the Snowden files on you! Wake up! Hende hoh!" ?); since "the chorus of the Russian Army" would not dare to emit a note or produce any audible sound without proper approval and command from the "highest leadership". 

This message possibly, if it is interpreted by me more or less correctly, contains three main parts. 

1). Admission of guilt and celebration of crime: "Yes, we did it, it is a "Skyfall" for you, of major proportions; and it is a retaliation for our previous humiliations and it is our victory which we now celebrate with this show. Catch me if you can!" 

Subcomment: We will. 
This part of the message also appears to signal a desire to end the current stage of this operation and to take a breather. 

2). Claim of unity "in the face of adversity": "Russian political and military leaderships stands united and you are not going to drive a wedge between us (intended or perceived)". 

See also Lavrov - Shoigu visit

3). Plea for truce or "peace": It might be also (again, if it is interpreted by me correctly and if it is not some type of the "wishful thinking" on my part), an offer of truce and/or peace (on the part of the mentioned above "joint Russian leadership") and a tacit acknowledgement of the seriousness of the issues and circumstances involved and the desire to signal the peaceful intentions and offers of cooperation: see the recent developments on Syria: "to stand back to back", "together" "we will stand tall or face it all together at skyfall" as the words in the "Skyfall" song are. 

Subcomment: For Russia, to stand firmly and unequivocally within the Western orbit and and to share Western values and interests - is the best she can hope for historically, as a country and as a culture. 
The last part sounds good, and, apparently this is the most immediate and sincere reaction to Mr. Obama's cancellation of the planned meeting with Mr. Putin, for whom the subjects of the various statuses and their various symbols are of such a deep importance and who is so sensitive and thin-skinned about what he perceives as "personal snubs", for some possible and interesting onto-genetic reasons. It also signifies, to some degree, the greater range of accessibility, attention and efficiency which, apparently comes with this newly sprouted system of communications, based more on the negative, rather than positive feedback model. 

The mentioned above hypothesis can be easily tested by the practical actions, which always speak much louder than the cracklings of "Skyfall operations", words, songs, and "motifs"; and even more than the much beloved by the Russians, James Bond movies themselves, which are, no doubts,  a part of the "Western Propaganda's subversive, perverse, and corrupting influence" on some of the Russian intelligence most sensitive and, undeniably and without a doubt also (?), (super?)artistic? fledgling(?) and promising (what, when, how?) minds. 

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